• Member Benefits

  • Mission

    The mission of the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce is 'to promote business and the community'.

  • Cleburne Chamber of Commerce Values:

    Customers - Our members are our customers.  We value working collaboratively with our members.
    Credibility - We value our expertise as a Chamber, with a strong and dependable history.
    Commitment - We value our members, employees, and civic partners, and strive for excellence.

  • Our Values in Building Stronger Businesses

    • Promote events to bring businesses together.
    • Provide many venues/opportunities for businesses to network
    • Foster business growth and development.

  • Our Values as a Chamber

    • Be open and public to the members.
    • Operate all times with honesty and integrity
    • Exercise fairness in consideration of all issues - we listen to all sides, respect every opinion, and treat all individuals with dignity.
    • We will strive to build a strong business community through communication.

  • Our Values of Commitment

    • We will be dedicated to our members and business partners.
    • To develop new business contacts and relationships daily.
    • To work alongside our local government to attract new businesses and grow existing ones.

  • Cleburne Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits

    • Your business listed on the chamber website and in the chamber directory
    • Referrals of your business when inquiries are made
    • “The Weekly Scoop”, the chamber newsletter, will be emailed every week.
    • Ribbon Cutting at your location or at the Chamber office
    • Display your business cards, brochures, and/or flyers in the Chamber office
    • One free ticket to first Quarterly Luncheon after you join
    • Membership mailing labels available to purchase
    • Your are invited to attend all Chamber functions such as After Hours Business Socials, Quarterly Luncheons, Annual Banquet, Ribbon Cuttings, Board Meetings
    • Link from our website to your website for $25 annually
    • Advertise your business in Chamber publications
    • Participate in and sponsor Chamber events
    • Join our Ambassador Club
    • Use the Chamber logo on your business cards, website, etc.
    • Air Evac and CareFlite memberships at members only pricing
    • Options to invoice monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or automatically drafted installments with no service charge after the first year
    • Receive credit on chamber membership dues by referring new members
    • The use of Chamber bulk mail stamp
    • Chamber app: Chamber members only are listed on Cleburne2Go app; free download to all apple and android users
    • Get involved as a volunteer for Chamber events
    • Networking opportunity every Thursday morning: JC-Pronet Leads Group -  7:45 a.m., Susannah’s Restaurant, 1514 W. Henderson     www.jc-pronet.com



    10. You get a sales representative for less than 55 cents a day. It's true. We get many requests for goods and services each month and we refer these to our members.

    9. Resources and assistance. We maintain a data base with statistics and information of all types. When a member needs help, we try to do our part.

    8. Representation. The Chamber is the voice of the business community to local government, and on the state and national level. It is constantly working to develop a better climate for doing business.

    7. New customers. Our tourism and events promotions brings people to our community each year, people that you can work to convert to be one of your customers.

    6. Local buying keeps jobs. The Cleburne Chamber of Commerce promotes and works to keep money circulating at home, turning over within our community.

    5. New business contacts. A major reason that many people get active with the Chamber is because they get to meet and network with other business people.

    4. Publicity and exposure. Those who play an active role with the Chamber get wonderful exposure for themselves and for their business.

    3. WE KEEP OUR MEMBERS INFORMED. Through news releases, meetings, business-after-hours-mixers, events, and special mailings.

    2. We offer a chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. By joining with other members to work together to improve the quality of life and the economic climate of the community.

    1. And the number one reason is: IF WE DON'T, WHO WILL?
    We don't buy glasses, We buy better vision.
    We don't buy a newspaper, We buy news and information.
    We don't buy a house, We buy shelter and comfort.
    We don't buy insurance. We buy security and protection.

    And… We don't buy a Chamber membership: we buy the cooperation and assistance of the most capable business and professional people in the community. We buy a better business climate and a better community in which to live and do business. If we are in business, we should be a part of the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce