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Exhibitors’ Expo Survival Kit

Put together your Expo Survival Kit

Picture this: You’re totally rocking your booth at the Business Expo. You can feel a monster headache crowding in, and your throat is killing you from talking almost nonstop for the last three hours, but you’ve met a lot of wonderful people, including the vibrant, personable reps in the booth across the aisle. You go…

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June 2019 Update from Dr. Heath

The days between the end of a school year and the start of the next are a time of celebration, contemplation, preparation and anticipation for those of us blessed to be in the business of educating children. It was wonderful to be a part of the graduation ceremonies for the TEAM School and Cleburne High…

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Cleburne Chamber of Commerce celebrates 100 years

84 of the nearly 200 men who were founding members of the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce

“Our city is at the flood tide of opportunity and if our citizenship will now all pull together under intelligent leadership, we will build a much greater city.” Thus begins a lengthy circular extolling the duties and benefits of a Chamber of Commerce distributed with the January 22nd, 1919, edition of the Cleburne Morning Review.…

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May 2019 CISD Update from Dr. Heath

Superintendent Dr. Kyle Heath, left, joins with Trustees in congratulating Coleman Elementary Cafeteria Manager Wanda Anderson, the 2019 recipient of the Cleburne ISD Heart of Gold Award.

It’s hard to believe we will be honoring graduates in just a handful of days as we mark the end of another school year—which has flown by at lightning speed. This has to be one of the most exciting school years in our District’s 130-plus year history. From the opening of the new Cleburne High…

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Gold Cup Awards presented at April Chamber Luncheon

Judy Patton and Fernando Rodriguez, April 2019

Members of a Chamber of Commerce are its life blood, both financially and people-wise. Although it’s the duty of the Chamber staff to bring in new members, it’s very helpful when someone voluntarily solicits and enrolls a new member. Those who bring in $1,000 in new members are recognized and awarded a Gold Cup. In…

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